sabato 1 giugno 2013


JUNE-08, 2013 - saturday

The fourth edition!
In collaboration with Bravi Ragazzi cult. association
for the "668" train paper template

international graffiti festival

We are proud to announce
the number 04 of Paper People issues:
live painting, regular expo and the special "668" painted trains expo

special thanx to SEESO for the PAPER PEOPLE tag ;)

On June 8, Paper People reached its fourth "live" edition with exhibitions and live painting hosted by Elementi Sotterranei, the graffiti fest which enlivens Gemona del Friuli every year (Udine - Italy).
Unfortunately, the exhibition was not complete: due to technical problems, the "668" paper toys were not assembled and exhibited; however, we will be promptly working towards organizing a specific exhibition (in all likelihood still in collaboration with the Elementi Sotterranei staff) dedicated to Filippo Ceci's project realized for Fast Forward.
All the same, during the evening of Saturday the 8th many intrigued people left a small donation, taking home a print to be assembled…
Special thanks go to the Elementi Sotterranei Staff, to Fast Forward and Filippo for the availability of the "668" paper toy, and to Stefano "Agonisticko" for customizing the huge Andrea Longo's GORO assembled for the occasion by Ricks Icks.
Photos taken by the different photographers can be viewed in the galleries:

- inside the Paper people World facebook page
- inside the the Elementi Sotterranei facebook page

stay tuned!

giovedì 24 gennaio 2013

BLOXY by Salazad

"Bloxy is crew from an industrial area in southeast Asia.

Juan the Tattoo and Jack The Tagboy are the pioneer and made it with objective to be together...
originally doing sticker tagging then to markers and spray paint.

The Crew is making Grafitti, Hip-Hop & Hard Music and Many More

Nowadays, the crew already spreading to all around the world, with VandalSpy in France, and many more..."


>>> BLOXY start to run with us in January 2013 - Salazad is running from the first edition (2010, october) with some custom

can see some BLOXY custom here:

--> Bloxy Kidult (collaboration w/ VandalSpy)

--> Bloxy Vandals (collaboration w/ VandalSpy)

--> HardBloxyCore

soon more picts !





martedì 22 gennaio 2013

the BLOXY agreement !

SALAZAD is ready !

the BLOXY one can be a part of Paper People...soon we put here a link for explain the design...

We are very proud to announce this news and for the second time we wish a warm welcome to Sal Azad !!!

here some examples, custom by various artists >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

domenica 20 gennaio 2013


for the second issue of Paper People, Maarten "3EyedBear" Janssens make a special design: the's 'cause the edition is on a tattoo convention! :P

we wan to to show our happiness for the custom by our friend Matacho Descorp

that's only a little preview, soon we can put on line the file for download (you can find it on the SPECIALS page)

venerdì 15 giugno 2012

Rock & Toys sub-event

In the third edition of "Paper People" was made (in collaboration with the ass. cult. Sounds Like) a "sub-event" called "Rocks & Toys";
Kittie and Ricks Icks have realized two handmade Goro (soon picts in the SPECIALS page!) presented in the evening the handmade SquaredRabBeat by Enrico Sist,
and the 3 special custom:

>>> The Squared Rab.Beat by Il Kittie
>>> Goro by David Zellaby

>>> MiniBoxCan by Elisa Moro

 in the ARCHIVE you can find the files to download and print !!!

giovedì 31 maggio 2012


PORDENONE - ITALY ///  MAY 31 >>> JULY 17 - 2012

IT - La terza edizione di Paper People è incentrata sull'attività degli artisti "customizers": ciascuno di loro ha una micro-expo personale in cui presenta la propria versione dei vari progetti disponibili.
Anche durante "PIMP MY Paper TOY" sarà possibile, previa una offerta, portare con se una o più stampe riproducenti i papertoys, da montare.

venerdì 26 novembre 2010

Second issue: expo c/o Third Trieste Tattoo Con

"Second issue": 26 ÷ 28 november 2010.

Stand espositivo e live paint presso la terza tattoo expo di Trieste
Esposte realizzazioni uniche e stampe dei custom digitali, acquistabili entrambe con devoluzione in benefit per “Area Giovani” del CRO di Aviano;
in più, ai tatuatori disponibili è stato dato modo di partecipare customizzando il progetto "TATTOO-ME" disegnato da Maarten "3EyedBear" Janssens in esclusiva per questa seconda uscita di Paper People

venerdì 29 ottobre 2010

HANDMADE Ye-Bot custom...

unfortunately do not know the names of the two girls who have made ​​this handmade custom, but they were students at the Institute of Arts in Cordenons October 2010 ...
also available! contact us for infos...

giovedì 28 ottobre 2010

HANDMADE 3EyedBear by PG Slis

At the live paint (october 23, 2010) of the fist edition of the Paper People event, PG build their special version of the 3EyedBear, AVAILABLE! contact us for infos!

mercoledì 27 ottobre 2010

HANDMADE SquaredRabBeat by Nicola Vavassori

At the live paint (october 23, 2010) of the fist edition of the Paper People event, Nicolas Vavassori build their special version of the SquaredRab-Beat, AVAILABLE! contact us for infos!